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Do you know when you car is due for a service and do you know what type of service is required? Choosing which car service you need is very important, your car is an expensive investment and should be serviced as outlined in your manufacturers handbook.

What to look for when choosing a car service:

1. Check the car manufacturer log book or service book
The car manufacturer’s log book or service book outlines the car marker’s recommended maintenance schedule, detailing the maintenance activities at certain time or kilometres based intervals required to keep your car in top running shape. Check the car manufacturer log book or service book for the next scheduled service milestone for your car based on the kilometres travelled or time since your last car service.

2. Check time and distance since last your last car service
Many people follow a regular service schedule, which may be independent of the car manufacturer log book or service book. Check the distance travelled or time since your last car service which may be indicated on a sticker stuck to the inside of your front windscreen or your last car service receipt.

3. You notice something is not right or you have a car problem

You may have a car problem that needs to be attended to if your car shows signs of:

  • - Sluggishness or lack of power
  • - Using more fuel than it used to
  • - Blowing black, blue or white smoke from the exhaust
  • - When idling runs rough or the idle has a miss
  • - Under load runs rough or has a miss
  • - Leaking water or oil
  • - A warning lights remaining on (eg oil / water / brake warning light)
  • - Engine temperature is too high or is overheating
  • - Noises either from the brakes, engine, steering, exhaust or underneath the car
  • - Pulling to the left or right when driving

4. If you are going on a road trip with your car, be prepared

Whether your car is due for a car service or not, it is a good idea to have your car checked over thoroughly before venturing off on a road trip. Prevention is much better than cure, and when you’re on the road, breaking down at odd places or odd hours is not much fun. Having your car thoroughly check over will assist to minimize this risk and servicing usually leaded to better fuel economy, very useful for long trips.


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